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Cellvitro™ 532 micropillar chip

Cellvitro™ 532 microwell chip

Cellvitro™ 384 pillar plate

Cellvitro™ 96 pillar plate

Cellvitro™ 8 pillar strip plate

Cellvitro™ (Cell + in-vitro)

- Pillar-based plastic 3D cell culture system for cell biology and screening applications

- Alginate or Matrigel, Collagen-based extracellular matrix environment (ECM)

- 3S: Simple use, Small sample, and Save cost

- 100% media exchangeable by replacement of well plate

- Surface treatment: poly-L-lysine or others

ASFA™ (Accuracy, Simple, FAst)

ASFA™ Spotter


General Description

- Liquid handling system designed for high speed, non-contact dispensing

- Suspended cells, viral particles, proteins, compounds, growth media, and biological reagents can be dispensed by our proprietary technology

- Suitable with alginate, matrigel, collagen-based extracellular matrix

Features and Benefits

Speed Dispensing

+ Hig-speed, "On the Fly" dispensing

+ Non-contact mode to minimize sample cross-contamination

Precise Dispensing

+ Flexible dispensing volumes between 20nL and 1000nL by solenoid valves

User-friendly Software

+ Easy-to-use instrument control


+ X-Y table speed: 300 mm/sec

+ Minimum aspiration volume: 1 μL

+ Minimum dispensing volume: 20 nL

+ Positioning performance: 1 μm (Resolution), <±10 μm (Repeatability)

+ Power requirement: 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz

+ Vacuum requirement: 2.1 CFM (~60CL)


+ Visual inspection camera system for measuring dispensing volumes

+ Visual inspection camera system for assessing plate positions

+ Chilling system for the dispensing tip head

+ Chilling system for the work table

+ Humidity controll system

ASFA™ Scanner

Product Description

- High-throughput fluorescence scanning system designed for cell-based and biological assays

- Detection for fluorescence signals from biological and chemical events in cells and aqueous solutions on microtiter plates

- Accomdation of a mercury lamp or a high-power LED illuminator as a light source, and corresponding excitation filters

- Real-time autofocus function that enables uniform image quality across the whole scan area

Features and Benefits 

+ Fast and High Quality Imaging

+ Real-time autofocus

+ Efficient, optimized XYZ stage and control software


Image Acquisition

+ Image magnification can be easily achieved by selecting suitable object lens

+ 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x and 60x lens are available on request

+ UV-light system for the sterilization


+ Standard filter sets below come with the scanner

Easy-to-Use Features

+ Preview and review scan
+ Manual microscope mode
+ Whole well imaging function
+ Slide imaging function
+ Cell count and area measurement