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3차원 세포배양 플랫폼 항암제 감수성 및 효능/독성 검사 전문 기업

3차원 세포배양 플랫폼 항암제 감수성 및 효능/독성 검사
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논문 2019, Molecules , A High Throughput Apoptosis Assay Using 3D Cultured …

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작성자 MBD
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 A high throughput apoptosis assay using 3D cultured cells was developed with a micropillar/microwell chip platform. Live cell apoptosis assays based on fluorescence detection have
been useful in high content screening. To check the autofluorescence of drugs, controls (no caspase-3/7 reagent in the assay) for the drugs are necessary which require twice the test space. Thus, a high throughput capability and highly miniaturized format for reducing reagent usage are necessary in live cell apoptosis assays. Especially, the expensive caspase-3/7 reagent should be reduced in a high throughput screening system. To solve this issue, we developed a miniaturized apoptosis assay using micropillar/microwell chips for which we tested seventy drugs (six replicates) per chip and reduced the assay volume to 1 L. This reduced assay volume can decrease the assay costs compared to the 10–40 L assay volumes used in 384 well plates. In our experiments, among the seventy drugs, four drugs (Cediranib, Cabozatinib, Panobinostat, and Carfilzomib) induced cell death by apoptosis. Those results were confirmed with western blot assays and proved that the chip platform could be used to identify high potency apoptosis-inducing drugs in 3D cultured cells with alginate.